Kakoune code editor
Modal editor · Faster as in less keystrokes · Multiple selections · Orthogonal design
 Multiple selections
Multiple selections are the central way of interacting in Kakoune, with powerful handling primitives (regex matches, filtering, splitting, aligning, text objects etc).
 Text editing tools
Kakoune implements several tools to help editing/writing text: contextual help, as-you-type completion, syntax highlighting for several programming languages…
 Advanced text manipulation primitives
Text can be selected and modified at will in multiple ways, thanks to several primitives: selection rotation, case manipulation, indentation leveling…
Users can extend the features of Kakoune or customize them to their liking with macros or hooks.
 Client/Server architecture
With Kakoune, you can collaboratively edit the same file: all new windows created by the editor are clients, and can simultaneously modify the content of a file. As such, windows are fully under the control of your X11 window manager or can be managed in a single terminal through Kakoune's tmux support.
 Active development & support
The project is actively developed, regularly implements new features, and integrates pull requests proposed by the contributors. Users can also ask their questions and share their remark with the rest of the community, on #kakoune @ irc.freenode.net.

Kakoune in i3

Kakoune in tmux